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Rural Women's Initiative.. milestone

Empowering rural women in the agricultural field

Attracting a wide range of women products

Provide dedicated content that helps rural women


About Our Initiative

The initiative aims to empower rural women in the agricultural field. As we seek in mazariecom to attract a wide range of women producers in this field through awareness and motivation and work together to produce the product in the best way, And marketing it through the various channels of mazariecom.
We are also working in mazariecom to provide customized content that helps rural women to advance quickly in their field of work, which is by providing courses and presenting different experiences, whether from inside or outside the Sultanate.

Let's get to know


We seek to be a marketing window for Omani products, In the first phase, we are targeting 50 Omani products

“Women represent nearly half of the agricultural workforce worldwide. Women and girls are agents of change and builders of resilience. However, The gender gap in food and agriculture remains wide.”

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