Color and nutritional properties

There is a close relationship between the color of fruits and vegetables and their nutrients and phytochemicals.


It demonstrates antioxidant properties that can reduce the risk of cancer, heart attacks and heart disease.

Example: Beetroot – Red Cabbage – Eggplant – Blueberries- Black berries – purple grapes – plum


Indicates the presence of carotenoids that keep the eyes healthy

As: Carrots – Masked Pumpkins – Al-Qaraa –Apricots – Grapefruit – Lemon – Mango – Melon – Orange


Red fruits and vegetables help reduce cancer risk and improve heart health

As: Beetroot – Red Chili Peppers – Tomatoes – Red Apples – Cactus – Cherries – Red Watermelon


indicates the presence of plant chemicals, Antiviral, antibacterial and potassium properties.

As: Cauliflower – Garlic – Ginger – Onions – Bananas – Kakaya – PeachWhite – Brown Pear


Indicates the presence of plant chemicals with anti-cancer properties

Example: Asparagus – Green Beans – Chinese Cabbage – Broccoli – Green Pepper – Cucumber – Lettuce – Peas – Spinach – Green apples – avocados – green grapes – kiwi – green lemon

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